Today, I am announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate representing Minnesota in the upcoming 2018 election. My name is Ali Chehem Ali. I had the opportunity to run for office here in Shakopee, Minnesota, for the Minnesota State Senate District 55. It was my first run for political office in the Minnesota State Senate election of 2016 office. With my wife Sabira, my four daughters, and a handful of friends we did all we could.

What I have to give is a “Unique Choice.” In every political election there exists a choice. Now, this year, the choice could not be more pristine or well-defined. This is more than a choice between the right or the left, or even personalities, it’s a choice between philosophies: ideas and values. When we look at our country, you and I know what it takes to make our economy resilient and fair-minded. We know what it takes to make our communities secure, to make college affordable, and retirement safe for our elders. We know what it will require providing health care for all, and certainly the most vulnerable. We know we must not abandon the promise for higher education. We are all well-aware that inclusion, rather than exclusion, makes us one people, and those immigrants who come here to build better lives for themselves and others are an asset for us all. Our country was founded on this lofty principle, though it is now being shamelessly attacked by anti-ethnic, white supremacy and extreme nationalistic forces with a myopic far-sightedness. We know what is necessary to lead the world with the power and strength of example, rather than by the example of power and strength with accompanying bully threats and intimidations of annihilation. Should you grant me the opportunity to place my hand on the Constitution of the United States, I envision a tremendous responsibility I owe the people, and not myself. For this reason, I have made the decision to run for the United States Congress in the 2018 election.

I grew up in Djibouti, Africa. I saw first-hand conflict and strife with the authorities in a struggle for human rights and ethnic recognition and dignity. I came to the United States 20 years ago; however, I never forgot my people and their struggle and continue to do what I can for them through the internet and social media. Now, in the United States, I also care about the suffering that my fellow citizens struggle with each day: racial bigotry, nationalism, ethnic xenophobia and prejudice. I care about the struggle that all people experience in recognition of their humanity and gender, respect and dignity in this the wealthiest country on earth. I care about the police brutality and excessive lethal force. I care about the struggle that our children must face each day with poor schools and empty stomachs. I care about the plight of the homeless and hungry in our country. I care about the elderly, poor and disenfranchised in all communities? I care about the millions that have no health insurance, no subsidies for support and are lost in a bureaucratic nightmare. It is my belief, that it is the responsibility of all to help the poor and disenfranchised. Whether they be in rural communities, cities, states or territories of the United States, we must choose to care. We must care for all segments of society and ensure that everyone participates for the well-being of all. A community, city, state or country does not exist just for the very rich or middle class, but all members. However, friends, my caring is not enough. We all must care. We all must say no to police brutality, and excessive force. We all must say no to racial bigotry, profiling, ethnic xenophobia and prejudice. We must all say no to nationalism with the zero-sum effects it has on our communities and our international exchange with other nations. We must all care about our children, their education and future. We must all care about the elderly, poor and disenfranchised in all our communities I am not a Corporate politician. I believe we can win. You and I can make a difference; however, we must work in concert, pushing our agenda and policies to let the entire state know that we care about what happens here in Minnesota. We need to contact the media: Minneapolis Tribune, St, Paul Pioneer Press, radios and television. The state of Minnesota must know about us and that we care about our community, state and country. However, now, I need you. As your future congressman, to help get our federal house back in order, my priorities will be to:

  1. End the unnecessary, costly and lethal wars that have been perpetrated by politicians from both parties for decades.
  2. Stop the murder of black and brown people here at home and abroad.
  3. Make sure that everybody, regardless of age or gender, in the country has health insurance.
  4. End sexual assaults in the workplace.
  5. Provide equal pay for all genders.
  6. Get a comprehensive and coherent energy policy in place to sustain our world.
  7. We must infuse our energy and money into our K-12 public schools and provide a free college education.
  8. We must invest research in our universities and see the enormous economic edge ripple through our society.
  9. We need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels that are killing any decent life for our children and our civilization.
  10. We must promote research into sustainable alternative energy sources and encourage energy conservation in our homes.
  11. We need to promote green panel technology and wind turbine generation of electricity.
  12. We need to end the recent tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate CEOs who offshore their accounts, which are not meaningful tax cuts for the mainstream; it is the height of irresponsibility.


Finally, I ask you to think about this. Does it make any sense that we spend more in this country than any Western industrialized nation on healthcare, and yet by most healthcare indicators, we are among the least healthy? Does it make sense that, in 2017 till now, we’re going to spend billions of dollars on new nuclear weapons systems which violate the nuclear nonproliferation treaties proposed some years ago? Or, let me ask it this way. Does it make sense that, this year, we spend billions of dollars on new nuclear weapons which if used will mean the end to civilization as we know it? Does it make sense to go on pretending that our international standing has not diminished, when the clear majority of nations think that the Trump administration is a threat international peace? Does it make any sense that Amnesty International can say that our treatment and abuse of prisoners of war is the second largest human rights violation on earth? Does it make any sense to have a volatile and harsh Congress that tries to manipulate massive tax cuts for banks, corporations, oil companies and CEOs while the rest of us languish in untold misery, homelessness, hungry and in poverty. Let today be the beginning of a change. The future for our children is now. We must not turn away. With the acute needs our nation has I promise to be as prepared as possible to be your representative in Congress; because I care, and I am confident that you care.


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