The United States must abolish the death penalty. It is cruel, inhumane, archaic, expensive, ineffective, unfair and unjust. The purpose of our criminal justice system is to discourage crime, rehabilitate convicts, and incapacitate dangerous criminals, and life in prison attends to all these needs. Life in prison allows for rehabilitation, and restorative justice whereas death is final.

With professional supermax prisons, escape is no longer a real possibility, so incapacitation is served equally well. Consequently, arguing for the death penalty is not justice, but rather punitive and emotional. The death penalty does not restore closure; it is a myth, one suffers as much with the death penalty as without it.

The death penalty in the end distorts the purpose of the criminal justice system and makes: revenge or state sanctioned murder the final solution. It does seriously demoralize the criminal justice system for three reasons: racism, false incrimination, and retribution. Our justice system, if it is anything, must be greater than institutionalized murder. Since the death penalty does not serve any purpose that cannot be served through incarceration, and is is irreversible and inhumane it should be abolished.



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