I believe education is the empowerment children need to achieve their dreams and potential. It is a system where they can develop critical thinking skills, to better interact with others. I believe it’s imperative that it is a world class education that will allow this to happen. Education is the machine for advancing academic success, social mobility and greater self-worth. It is vital to the American narrative that speaks to our social mores and living the ethical life. Education is a right that we must provide for all our children.

Technology is advancing exponentially and is absolutely imperative that our children keep in step. Through education, our children will contribute to society, being a positive resource to our community and humanity. We simply cannot not talk about rights, civilized society, values and ethics without education’s involvement. This concept of education, from k-12 and beyond, should be so obvious and necessary that debating it in the State Congress should be redundant, a waste of precious time and tax payer money. Our children are the most important resource and investment we can make and the stakes are high. For us to delay such investment would be extremely detrimental for all our children.

Consequently, I want to increase funding for early childhood and k-12 education, ensuring all Minnesota students are prepared to succeed in our 21st. century economy. This occasion for their success, has but one opportunity, NOW. I am committed to providing all students a first-class education from early childhood through public Colleges. A College degree should be easily accessible to all, making college more affordable, if not free. We need to assist those who have graduated to renegotiate their student loans, making it less of a burden after graduation. Supporting life-long learning for all, including seniors, is crucial to our social economic growth and development. Seniors involved in continuing education have immense experience to share with younger students. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this issue. I have six children and want them all to be successful as much as you yours. Our children are depending on us. Let’s not fail them.


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