For Profit Prisons

I want to ban private for-profit prisons. Private prisons make money by incarcerating people and the more people they incarcerate, the more money they profit from. Is this a judicial or more like a corporate response to crime? We need lower sentences for crimes that are not serious, look at treatment and other reforms.

We need to reform sentencing laws, reducing the prison population and end the illegalization of drugs for which most non-violent offenders are in prison for. The ‘tough-on-crime’ laws are causing overcrowding in the first place. Prisons are for violent offences not non-violent drugs offences which is where we are now. For profit-prisons only create incentives for putting more people of color or disenfranchised in jail to enhance economic prosperity; this is completely immoral and backward. We would be moving backward in time to the 50s and 60s; it is a civil rights issue, likening it to slavery because black people face disproportionate incarceration rates relative to the state’s racial makeup. It’s a state assault on the racially poor and we need to reconsider whether this is what we want our state.

Here again we see big money, corporate capital trying to get rich off the backs of the poor who occupy most prison populations. I want people to know what they’re up against; lobbyist and fundraising money not justice.

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