Gun Rights

I appreciate that the individuals have a right to bear arms in accord with Second Amendment. I can see the passion that gun owners have for the safe use of fire arms. I am not here to debate that issue. I believe that the issue of guns and gun rights needs continuous oversight.

There are simply too many innocent bystanders as well as innocent children being killed to not notice we have a problem. We have more guns in this country than there are people. That is greater than any other industrialized country per capita. Again, I believe people have the right to bear arms as the Constitution permits, however, I also believe our children have a right to live a life free from gun violence.

There needs to be some form of control on the purchase or acquisition of guns. The awful consequences of gun violence; serves as a reminder that life is precarious and short. I will focus my time on effective enforcement of current laws, particularly strengthening background checks at gun shows. I think that a photo I.D., a background check and a gun safety test should be implemented to buy a new handgun.

I would like to restore the ‘assault weapons’ ban and close the gun show loophole, thus preventing guns from falling into the hands of those negligent and law-breaking few. I would like to see more federal gun prosecutors to assist the state. I believe as responsible adults we can reach a commonsense consensus.

The argument that people kill people not guns is archaic. We regulate our water, air and food, all of which if not cared for could easily kill us. We must regulate guns and ban assault weapons as well.

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