Congress has miscarried much of its time quibbling how to provide health insurance to nearly fifty million uninsured Americans. In this, the most affluent country in the world, it should be a criminal offensive to ignore the plight of the American citizens at their most vulnerable time. Guaranteeing universal healthcare for these individuals is in my view a moral imperative. However, let me say that trusting on private insurers to serve these individuals is about as sensible as hiring a private group of pedophiles to run a national childcare program. Anyone who has been affected by this plight eventually realizes that the ‘privatization of health insurance’ is a wholesale criminal venture; one that abuses and exploits patients at their most helpless moments for the greatest gain to the insurance corporations. Yes, I believe, the privatization of health insurance is like a predatory operation and should be criminalized.

     The United States government should intervene and replace it with a universal publicly-run plan. Private health insurance does no good if that insurance doesn’t cover your illness or injury. From an ethical point of view, the real question is not whether there should be a “public option” but whether there should be a “private option.” Once a public system of genuine universal health coverage is recognized and instilled, society can decide whether wealthy individuals will use their own personal assets to buy additional care.

     Yes, I want universal health coverage that will aid and help both the middle and lower classes with destroying them in the process. I hope you will consider me with your vote, Thank you.

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